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Neighborhood Home Inspector

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People In Your Neighbourhood: Home Inspector   A home inspector, living up to its name, inspects houses to make sure that it has abided or followed local building codes. Therefore, when a home inspector inspect your home, you must know how can you make your most out of the home inspection process.  The U.S. Bureau of

Home Inspector Examination

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How to Best Prepare Your Home for Examination by a Home Inspector   It is important to know how to best prepare your home for examination by a home inspector, most especially for those who are first time home investor, regardless of whether a seller or buyer. It is important to have a home inspector

Final Walk-Through

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How a Home Inspector Could Make a Final Walk-Through a Success   Days or hours before you finally close a deal to sell your house, you need to facilitate a final walk-through. You should always remember that this is not a final home inspection. A final walk-through may not require the presence of a home