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Cozy and Comfortable Fall Entertaining

2015-08-31T05:18:45-05:00Home Decorating|

Trends Turn to Cozy and Comfortable Fall Entertaining   As the glorious days of summer slip into crisp evenings, the changing colors trigger a transition in seasonal décor. "There's an exciting mix of texture and color in fall fashion that's extending into home decorating," says designer Julie Robbins. "As for tabletop, a big trend this

DIY Project

2015-08-25T09:29:42-05:00Home Improvement|

4 Tips to Tackle Any DIY Project   (This post is brought to you by the makers of Advil(R).) It's that time of year again: project season. It's time to open the windows, reimagine your space and get to work on the home improvement project you've been dreaming about all winter. This is an exciting

Wood Or Composite Deck?

2015-08-18T03:51:19-05:00Home Improvement|

Is A Wood or Composite Deck Right For Your Home?   Outdoor living is a home improvement trend that can't be ignored. If you plan to add a deck to your house, remember the design is only one aspect of the planning process. The materials you decide to use can affect the project in numerous

Home Inspectors Usually Look Into

2015-08-11T05:01:38-05:00Home inspection|

Common Things Home Inspectors Usually Look Into   Are you out in the market to sell your home, then a home inspector is what you need to check out your home and here are the most common things home inspectors usually look into. Generally, the primary task of home inspectors is to examine and determine

Checklist Items

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Home Inspector Checklist Items Home inspections generally vary across states, cities, and countries. For example, home inspections in California may be different in scope when compared to home inspections in New York. Inspections in the US may differ from inspections in the UK. Sometimes it is because there are different types of home inspectors. However,