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Single Kitchen Upgrade

2016-02-26T04:46:40-06:00Home Improvement|

Create Stress-Free Living With This Single Kitchen Upgrade Home is all about entertaining - barbecues, parties, pool parties, family dinners and the like. All of a sudden, your kitchen is the nexus of activity as family, friends and neighbors grab drinks from the fridge while you're prepping those burgers and mixing up the fruit salad.

Bring Order To The Kitchen

2016-02-11T07:13:00-06:00Home Improvement|

Resolve To Cut Clutter: Quick, Easy Ways To Bring Order To The Kitchen The kitchen may be the heart of the home, but it's also home to a lot of clutter. From food and utensils to small appliances and phone chargers, the kitchen is the second most-cluttered room in the house, according to a Moen

Windows And Skylights

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Windows And Skylights 101: What To Know When Adding Windows, Roof Windows Or Skylights To Your Home Is your home chilly and dark in winter, or stuffy and dark in the summer? If your home has too small or too few windows, it can be difficult to get the natural light and ventilation you crave,