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Garage Door 101

2016-03-29T10:40:22-05:00Home Improvement|

  Garage Door 101: 3-Step Program Offers Homeowners Peace Of Mind     Spring is here, and so are the chores that come with it, like spring cleaning and tuning up the lawnmower. Here's a tip - don't forget your garage door. Don't feel badly if you have; most people don't give their garage door

Home-Buying Trends

2016-03-18T12:23:38-05:00Home Improvement|

Five Home-Buying Trends For This Year's Market If you're in the market for a new house this year, don't be fooled by the brisk chill in the air - the spring house-hunting season is actually closer than you think. That means now is the perfect time to start your planning. Space requirements such as bedrooms,

Greywater Recycling

2016-03-10T06:06:44-06:00Home Improvement|

Tips For Going Green, Saving Green, With Greywater Recycling Water conservation isn't just for Californians and others who live in dry climates. Although the Golden State's water woes grabbed headlines last summer, it's not the only state potentially facing water shortages. Nor is it the only one where conservation-minded homeowners are turning to greywater recycling

Millennial Home

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Understanding The Millennial Home For years, consumer buying power and purchasing trends have focused around baby boomers. However, within the past several years, the spotlight has shifted to the 80-plus million Americans between the ages of 25 and 34 known as millennials. Now the largest demographic group in history, this generation is undoubtedly the most