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Does Your Door Lock Protect?

2016-07-29T01:42:55-05:00Home inspection|

From self-driving cars to Snapchat, digital technology continues to transform almost every aspect of our lives. While these big-ticket smart items make the headlines, many homeowners are more interested in how smart technology can be used to increase their level of home security. Today, advanced image sensors, indoor video cameras and DIY security hubs allow

Empty Attic Into New Living Space

2016-07-22T06:15:23-05:00Home inspection|

When your family outgrows your home's available space, moving to bigger digs isn't always the best option. Maybe you really love your current home. Perhaps you can't find a bigger home in your price range in the area of your choice like the attic. Whatever your reason for staying in place, expanding the home you

Top Energy-efficient Housing Features Every Homebuyer Should Know

2016-07-08T02:08:22-05:00Home inspection|

Most Americans want an energy-efficient home, and they’re willing to make the necessary changes to help improve efficiency, whether it’s changing their habits or buying more energy-efficient appliances. But reducing energy bills and making your home more efficient doesn’t just begin with remembering to switch off lights in empty rooms or paying top-dollar for newer

New Home Improvement Trends

2016-07-01T02:27:03-05:00Home inspection|

New Home Improvement Trends For Your Property Investment When you’re in the process of buying or building a home, you’re constantly researching trends and technology that will set your home apart. Fast forward a few years and you probably don’t have your finger on the pulse of home advancements like before. 6 home improvement trends