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6 Holiday-Friendly Home Design Features – Dallas / Fort Worth Home Inspection

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Whether you’re shopping for a new traditional, manufactured or modular home or just attempting a renovation project, it’s important to consider the functionality of key spaces like kitchens and living rooms. These most-frequented rooms will host meals, family gatherings, movie nights, homework sessions and holiday celebrations, so they need to include features that facilitate all

Fast Fixes to Boost Curb Appeal

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Fast Fixes to Boost Curb Appeal for a Quick Home Sale   It takes just seven seconds to form a first impression after meeting someone new. The same psychology applies to the first impression people get when shopping for a new home. Within seconds of arrival, home buyers are forming positive and negative opinions about

Service Checklist

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A home inspection checklist is what prospective home owners or renters look at in a home to anticipate possible maintenance issues and/or whether a home is going to be safe to live in or not. Home inspections may be done by the prospective buyer or renter, a professional inspector, or both. Check out the Dallas home