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3 Steps To A More Secure Home


Home Inspection Dallas / Fort Worth can check out if your Door can give you a more secure home.  By: Home Inspection Solution   More than 75 percent of Americans are concerned about the security of their home. Few think about door hardware when it comes to added protection.   In fact, out of those

Ideas For Renovating Smaller Homes


Big, Smart Ideas For Renovating Smaller Homes While newly constructed homes are bigger than ever, most Americans still live in modestly sized or even small houses - and many of these owners are choosing to remodel rather than move into a bigger home.   More than half of all American houses were built before 1980,

A Bathroom For Beauty, Function, And Safety


How to perfectly light a bathroom for beauty, function, and safety Good lighting is important throughout a home, and each room has different lighting needs. Kitchens require overhead and task lighting, while bedrooms and dining rooms can benefit from variable illumination. However, no room in the house requires more layers and nuances of lighting than

Key To Improving Your Relationship


Housework may be a key to improving your relationship   Cleaning the bathroom and emptying the dishwasher isn't at the top of a couple's "To Do Together" list, but it may be the real language of love. In fact, a recent survey from home appliance leader LG Electronics found most Americans (52%) get turned on