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Outdoor Winterization Checklist


A few simple steps now can mean a cozy, safe winter for you and your entire family. Add these five steps by Home Inspection Dallas to your winterization to-do list for this weekend and give yourself valuable peace of mind.   As temperatures drop, you're reminded that Old Man Winter will soon rear his ugly

6 Luxury Home Improvement Products


Home Inspection Dallas / Fort Worth suggests America's finest: 6 luxury home improvement products made in the U.S.   Peruse any home improvement media and you may get the impression you just can't build, renovate or decorate a quality home without relying on foreign-made products like granite from Italy for countertops, cherry hardwood flooring from

Myths About Solar Panels, Debunked


Home Inspection Dallas / Fort Worth tips for your solar panels. Home solar panels can drastically cut or even eliminate electricity bills, reduce a home's carbon footprint, increase resale value, and may even help a home sell faster.    The cost of rooftop solar systems has fallen dramatically in recent years. Most homeowners have the

Insulation Right For Your Home


Which type of insulation is right for your home? Home Inspector Dallas / Fort Worth will give you some suggestions.   With the imminent approach of dropping temperatures, many people reach for their sweaters as they run out the door. In a bittersweet farewell to summer, boats are hauled out of the water and taken