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4 Tips for Protecting Your Home This Season and Beyond

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Winter is in full swing and extremely cold temperatures continue to grip much of the U.S.; which mean hats, gloves, and high home maintenance bills could be in your future. According to recent data from the Insurance Information Institute, in 2016 severe winter weather cost homeowners more than $1.7 billion in property damages. While the

Home Inspection Company

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What to Look For In a Home Inspection Company   Hiring a company to conduct a home inspection is about more than simply being given a report on your property, it is a very personal experience; and in order to make sure that you get not only the most efficient inspection but top service and

Acid Rain And Inspectors: Buildings At Risk

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Article by Nick Gromicko and Kate Tarasenko “Acid rain,” like “global warming,” is a phenomenon whose very existence is disputed by some. In fact, evidence of acid rain has been observed in industrialized cities around the world since the mid-1800s. “Acid rain” describes the mixture of wet and dry deposits from the atmosphere which contain high