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Door Inspections Dallas, Fort Worth TX (DFW)

There are various types of doors which can be used in a home:

1. Hinged doors.  Commonly used as passage doors whereby one edge is mounted on hinges whereas the other swings in or out of a room

2. Pocket doors. This type of doors is built into the walls of a room and slides in and out of the space provisioned in the walls.

3. Sliding doors. Also addressed as passage doors but unlike the hinged doors, sliding doors usually slide along a track.

4. Roller doors. Commonly used for overhead garage doors.

Some of the issues are:

1. Dangers – this explains how critical the installation of the door can be and whether the door poses any dangers or hazards. Residential doors safety often focuses on avoiding moisture penetration, preventing unwelcome visitors such as robbers and allowing the easiest means of escape in the event of an emergency. The type of doors used in a home can also pose a threat to the people living there.

2. Frequent injuries – involve children that might get their hands or fingers caught in closing the doors. This type of injuries is preventable by ensuring the installation of the door is with the appropriate pinch protection hardware.

3. Installation issues – the home inspector tends on certain matters such as the rail separation, binding of the doors, uneven reveal between the door and the jamb stop, the hardware operation and the condition. This is crucial to prevent any future injuries or incidences due to the door installation.

Door inspection 

During home inspection plays a vital role in the prevention of accidents and unnecessary injuries. Door inspection also helps to identify dangers and also give warning signs since the home inspector assesses the major defects, potential threats and safety concerns. Therefore Door home inspection service is most valuable in the sense that it:

1. Gives the buyer confidence in buying the home
2. Identifies the possible dangers in a home and how to fix them
3. Helps the customer to plan with regards to the home
4. Can also help the buyer to save on the cost of the home
5. Can pay itself in savings since a buyer can ask the seller to fix the issues brought forth by the inspector