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Grading & Drainage Inspections Dallas, Fort Worth TX (DFW)

Ordinary yard surface drainage can lead to a gap, hole, and shift in house slabs, serious foundation complications, slope instabilities, and wall failing. On the other hand, a little preventive maintenance and drainage improvement work can lessen the potential for soil related distress at far less expense than structural solutions for failures. Sometimes home owners tend to minimize the importance of good drainage after several months of sunshine. Unfortunately, this is too often a costly mistake.

Grading and Drainage Inspection Dallas / Fort Worth

We Inspect the Following

  • Slope Grade and Run-off Pattern
  • Ground Coverage
  • Soil Heights
  • Landscape – Trees within 10 feet of the house
  • Gutter Placement and Flow
  • Drainage around the foundation that is not performing,
  • Deficiencies in grade levels around the foundation, and
  • Deficiencies in installed gutter and downspout systems.