What Can You Expect From A Home Inspection?

When it comes to real estate, there are many different players that are involved in each transaction. Home inspectors play a major role in the closing of any real estate transaction and if you are looking to buy a home or sell one, you are going to want to know everything that is involved in the home inspection process. Luckily, this is a piece of the real estate world that can be easy to understand with just a little bit of explanation.

A home inspector will show up on the property and go through a visual inspection from the top to the bottom, making sure to include any and all of the main systems. Professional associations as well as state laws require all home inspectors give their clients two documents for both ethics and business purposes. These two main documents include a written inspection report as well as a written home inspector contract.

It is important that you get a copy of your pre-inspection contract prior to the inspection actually taking place. Once you have it, be sure that you read through the document and understand it prior to the inspector launching the investigation of the property. At this time, you should also be asking your home inspector to clarify anything in the paperwork that you do not understand.

Your home inspector is required to provide you with fully detailed reports in writing of the home inspection. These reports will have to detail home inspection information on the property and there are certain professional associations as well as state laws that will require the presentation of a report to you after the inspection is fully completed.

During the inspection, structural components of the building including the foundation as well as the framing will be taken into consideration. When it comes to the exterior inspection, your professional home inspector will need to take a look at balconies, siding, porches, walkways, soffit, railings, driveways and more. The roofing system will also be included in the exterior inspection including your roofing materials such as flashing or shingles as well as any skylights that may be installed.

Other areas that will need to be addressed during a home inspection will include the electrical system, including breakers, service panels and fuses. For the plumbing, the piping will be looked at, any water heating equipment, drains, sump pumps and so on. Heating and cooling systems will also be looked at, including ventilation, energy sources and equipment used for distribution.

Home inspectors are only able to perform a visual inspection, so you will find that they are only going to be liable for the inspection of what they are able to see and have access to. This will include interior walls, doors, windows, stairs, railings, ceilings and more.

If at any time you are concerned about what you may or may not have included in your home inspection process, all you have to do is address your concerns with your home inspector and he or she will be happy to discuss any of it with you.


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