Put Your Home On Autopilot So That You Can Save Money, Time And Also Energy

Each and every homeowner can remember a time when they pondered, “Did I lock the front door this morning?” Or maybe, “Did I leave a light on?” Other people can attest to that feeling of dread being aware of their ac is working full blast when they are away on a weekend journey. Nothing is worse than worrying about the security of your house – or perhaps your rising electricity bill – while you’re away.

Fortunately, latest advancements in home technology give you reassurance when it comes to energy efficiency, security and time savings. Almost any home can be put on “autopilot” without breaking the bank. Lots of areas of the home can benefit from some simple technology renovations.

  • Efficiency

Heating and cooling a home accounts for 50 percent or even more of a home’s electric bill, therefore it’s important to incorporate the modern technology in order to make it as easy as possible to become as effectual as possible.

“We have seen certain great innovations in home technology that increase the energy-efficiency of cooling and heating products,” says Kyle Golden, an energy efficiency expert with Lennox, a leading provider of home comfort solutions. “For example, since thermostats become more advanced, property owners now have the capability to enhance home comfort as well as energy savings.”

One example of these smart thermostats is the Lennox iComfort S30. Homeowners can make use of electric power savings throughout its one-touch smart away mode that detects when household members leave and return to the home and automatically adjusts to an energy-efficient setting. The iComfort S30 also is the only thermostat that provides first-of-its-kind real-time air quality monitoring.

Water consumption is another concern when it comes to effectiveness. Property owners can cut down on water expenditures using home sprinkler systems that include Wi-Fi technology. These types of systems allow homeowners to start or stop sprinklers from anywhere, preventing water waste when heavy rains have already soaked the lawn. Many systems nowadays even include wireless capabilities that prevent sprinklers from activating during rain or freezing temperatures.

  • Safety

House owners can rest easy using automated systems that confirm their property is safe and secure. Companies now offer products that check, open and close garage doors directly from a smartphone, tablet or pc. Also, there are lock systems that respond only to the fingerprints of residents of the house. In case that’s not enough, new technologies send texts or email updates when doors are locked or unlocked, and can remotely lock doors by using Wi-Fi. And for those individuals who are wondering who’s there when they’re not, there are now door bells that permit homeowners to see on their phones who’s at their door remotely, from any location.

  • Time savings

Finally, kitchen appliances now integrate technologies to streamline the day-to-day routines of house owners, enabling maximum time savings. Consumers can take the hassle out of searching out the perfect cooking setting using a microwave that can scan a barcode on a dish and automatically adjusts to the correct time and power for the certain product. Ovens equipped with Wi-Fi allow cooks to monitor their meals on a mobile gadget and put the crock pot to shame.

Families may also save time while enjoying the ease of home automation. Wi-Fi-enabled mailboxes send text message or email notifications when email has arrived. Parents can even save the time it takes to beg their child to quit gaming simply by using a tool that automatically limits the time spent on an electronic device.

Peacefulness isn’t all about expensive, over-the-top upgrades. Home automation can help to conserve time and money, and also offer customized comfort and security, frequently via simple technology tweaks.

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