If high heating payments left you cold as well as bitter this wintertime, then now is the time to think about just how high your every month cooling expenses could be this summer time. Air conditioner accounts for almost 19 % of all household electric energy consumption and produces more or less two tons of co2 annually. This hurts your household monetary budget and also has an important effect on our environment.

Based on the U.S. Department of Energy, two-thirds of American houses own an air conditioning that leads to above $11 billion in utilization every single year. Air leaks from a residence’s walls, ceilings, windows and floors may be the cause of about 40 percent of a house’s power loss.

Air leaks, as well as the poor heating and cooling performance, are probably the major factors behind power inefficiency in almost every households. Air leak causes your air conditioning unit to function over time just by cooling the warm air that enters your house through leakages. This increases the volume of electricity you are using together with the price of your electricity bill by the end of the month.

The good thing is that now’s a perfect time for you to transform your house into a model of energy efficiency. There are several of means that homeowners can take care of these kinds of problems. Caulking as well as weather-stripping around doors and windows is swift, economical solutions. Aside from that, investing in high performance remedies can address these issues efficiently as well as add significant value on your property. Low-emissivity, double-glazed windows, originally designed for severe climates, are a famous and efficient method to conserve energy and minimize air seepage.

Another effectual solution that offers instant and long-term cost savings is replacing a house’s traditional fibrous insulation with high-performance spray foam insulation. Spray foam insulation, like Icynene, is a wise investment for home owners who would like to make energy-efficient enhancements to their home. Spray foam insulation allows property owners in a different climate to reduce their consumption of air conditioning unit within the hot months and heating through the winter time. This contemporary insulation material assists successfully handle a household’s indoor environment allowing you and your household to keep cool for the entire summer. It may also help decrease the entry of pollens as well as allergens into your home, making it best for allergy sufferers.

Spray foam insulation expands swiftly to completely seal a home’s walls, floors as well as ceilings to stop air leakage. Experts from Icynene note that installing spray foam insulation can noticeably lower monthly cooling and heating fees, in some cases by as much as 50%.  More info about how spray foam insulation will help property owners lessen air leaking and reduce energy expenses is available online at www.icynene.com.

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