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Attic & Roof Inspections Dallas, Fort Worth TX (DFW)

Dallas/Fort Worth Home Inspection Solutions inspectors suggest that every attic is well ventilated. Proper ventilation includes any of the following combinations: roof vents and soffit vents, ridge vents and soffit vents, or gable vents and soffit vents.

What We Inspect On The Roof

  • The portions of the chimneys and flues visible from the exterior
  • Gutters and downspout systems
  • Visible flashing, roof vents, skylights and any other roof penetrations
  • The roof covering materials

What We Inspect In The Attic

  • Visible ventilation
  • Type and condition of insulation
  • Other support and superstructure components
  • Roof framing and decking

There are benefits to having a well vented attic. It will prolong the life of your shingles and cause your air conditioner to run less in the summer. Let Southlake/Dallas/Fort Worth Home Inspection Solutions inspect your attic today.

Certified Roof Inspection Dallas, Fort Worth TX (DFW)

A certified roof inspector will look at sealants or metal flashings that are cracked or rusted. Shingles that are bent, twisted, cracked, missing, or broken. Wear and tear on vent boot covers, and various other parts of the roof. They will also look for the presence of mold and growths on the roof, which is possibly indicative of a deteriorating roof. With our services for roof inspection in DFW, all these issues can be taken care of. Apart from that we also have services for attic inspection in DFW TX. Check the roof if you see any worrying signs, or if there have been recent storms with heavy winds or hail, it is best to have a professionally certified roof inspector. Call us now and get our services for roof inspection in Forth Worth TX. 

Local Home Inspector For Roof In Dallas

Often overlooked, the roof is one of the most important components of a building. This will protect your family from extreme weather conditions, high temperatures, and creepy crawlies. Performing regular roof inspections, however, is crucial to keeping your roof in top shape. The roof might be leaking, and you need to make certain the leak is not coming from the roof. Or maybe you witnessed high winds in your area recently, and you want to inspect your roof for any debris. Inspecting your roof will reveal any problems that need to be addressed, any missing or damaged items, and how well the roof is holding up over time. Get your roof inspection in Dallas done with our local home inspector.

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