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Wood Destroying Insects Inspections (WDI) DFW, TX

Insects are everywhere. However, you can’t be bothered until they start popping into your home. Most insects give you painful bites and rashes, and then there are some that like to nibble on wooden items, which include furniture and structural components of your home that are made of wood.

These wood-destroying insects can stay dormant for a long time and come to life during certain seasons. However, no matter in which season you are buying or selling a house, a Wood Destroying Insects inspection is crucial for your peace of mind.

I, at Panoptic Inspections, have the knowledge and experience in assessing insect damages of all kinds. It would be wrong to say that only termites can damage wooden items. Insects such as beetles, wood wasps, bees and ants can also hollow out your wooden masterpieces. 

To make sure you don’t end up buying a property that is infested with Wood Destroying Insects, I can offer a thorough inspection using infrared scanners and a good-ol’ walk around. Rest assured that no corner of the house will go unnoticed. 

WDI Inspection Expert DFW

Panoptic Inspections is one of the few WDI Inspection experts in DFW with a 99% success rate. Fully trained and insured, I have over a decade of experience in the construction industry. I have closely seen and worked on homes from the ground up. If there was something wrong with a home, I could tell.

Bringing this knowledge and insight to home inspections, my sole objective is to help buyers make an educated decision. 

If you need a WDI inspection or home inspection in general, get in touch with me today to book an appointment.

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