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Water & Plumbing Inspections Dallas, Fort Worth TX (DFW)

Water leakages and plumbing issues, if not attended timely, can damage the infrastructure of the house. Moisture build up due to leakage can also become the cause of mold buildups and can invite termites as well affecting the health of your family. Unfortunately, most homeowners do not pay attention to the plumbing issues until there is a problem.

Professional water and plumbing inspections can help you detect the issues at an early stage saving you huge repair costs and the hassles. For the safety and health of your problems, book an appointment with our water and plumbing inspection expert who can detect the leakages and block pipelines and sewers in your Dallas/Fort Worth home. Our water and plumbing inspectors are certified and have an experience of over 20 years in the inspection service sector.

What Does A Water & Plumbing Inspection Include?

We, at Home Inspection Solutions, are experts in performing water and plumbing inspection to the core. Our inspection services will perform the inspection of the following but not limited to:

  • Toilet Plumbing Inspection:  Will inspect the supply line, flapper, flush valve, and more for every commode.
  • Sink Plumbing Inspection: Will inspect the supply line, waste line, faucets, drains, etc.
  • Bathtub And Shower Plumbing Inspection: Will inspect the faucets, drains, shower heads, shower pans, etc.
  • Water Heater Plumbing Inspection: Shut off and pressure relief valves, gas and electrical valves, signs of corrosion, etc. will be inspected.
  • Appliances Plumbing Inspection: Drain lines for washing machines, dishwashers, condensation drain line, air conditioner drain lines, etc. will be inspected.

For trustworthy services of water and plumbing inspection, contact our experts at Home Inspection Solutions DWF TX.